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Our Story

Our story begins in Brisbane, Australia in 2010 and is the brainchild of Amanda Clayton’s personal experience. She was inspired to create these unique pyjamas, after her 4 year old daughter experienced a stroke. During protracted hospital stays she would get her daughter dressed, as part of her normal daily routine.

She literally took matters into her own hands, when all that was available to the children were white, undignified hospital gowns. At first she adjusted existing clothing, then taught herself to sew and design beautiful hospital pyjamas that looked like cheerful outfits and that would still be practical for hospital wires and monitors, have easy access and be imaging machine and theatre suitable.

The reactions to these cheerful clothes were instant. They had the ability to engage a child’s imagination, affect how they felt and saw themselves and through the reactions of those around them. More and more families wanted these type of pyjamas.

And so was created. Out of something scary, stressful and emotional, we have created something that could make a difference in so many other children’s lives. With her daughter now thriving back at school, Amanda had found a way of giving back to families that are experiencing difficult situations with their seriously ill children.

Today, Amanda still designs and oversees production of all clothing with her distinct signature of graphic modern, bright colour combinations and prints. All our gowns and pyjama sets are stitched with love. has been blessed to grow our company predominantly through website sales, shipping our products and cheering up children all around the world. In 2014 and beyond we hope to reach even more children, with the help of our NGO partners.

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